Contact Me, Disclaimers and Updates

Contact me: OV_099 @ yahoo . com

Disclaimers: (1) This blog is where I post my reviews for books that I get or request from their publishers, and that is the only thing I get. And once I read it, I will put up my honest opinion about it. (2) I’m also trying out the Amazon Affliate program – so most of the links for the books I post about will direct you there.



8/13/2015 – Yeah, been a while since I posted an update. So, the new semester is starting on September 1st, and that means I’ll probably be slowing down here again like I did during the spring. I just do not want to promise anything and end up not being able to deliver due to school. Definitely means no reviews, sorry about that.

Also, in October 1st the Comcast webspace will be going away. That is where I have my website and most of the pictures to the posts here. I did figure out Flickr, so I can still post graphics, but I probably will not be going backwards to fix up all the older posts – just too many! So it’s just going to have to keep going from when I switched over. As to my website… ah, well, still thinking about that. Sigh. LOL

5/29/2014 – So it just occurred to me that I haven’t posted an update to the one below… so, in the fall, I’m going to be a Geology major at Rutgers! 🙂 Probably the oldest one going for their Bachelors vs their PhD, but hey, who cares, right? So all the same stuff still applies – I may not be able to go many reviews, but I can always post features and spotlights if that is okay with you! 🙂

3/13/2014 – Yeah, I just got caught up with all the emails I had before today! Whew! So, yep, I’m still not taking any classes right now, but I am waiting and watching the college site to see if I’m accepted for the fall (still says in progress, but at least they have all my high school and other college transcript, so we are getting there!)… *crossing fingers*. Oh, and I am looking for a job when I can, so if all this works out, reviews might be difficult to do, and I still have some I need to get caught up on for here and Romance Junkies. But please, totally still ask me, and I’ll try to it when I can. But I can always post a feature, just let me know! 🙂

Oh, and I finally caved and created a fan Facebook page for the site – so if that is your preferred way of getting the posts from a blog, then enjoy! –

1/22/2014 – This spring semester I am not taking any classes, but hoping to during the summer or fall. I am still slowly trying to work my way through the emails and requests that came in at the end of last semester before and during finals. Given what I do need to catch up on, there is a good chance I will have to turn down reviews. However, features with guest posts and/or excerpts are totally fine, and I can get up as soon as possible. If I have a few to post, I try to keep them to one a day, to given them all a chance at the top of the page. Hope all that will be fine!


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