Feature – Wrong Bed Reunion by Candy Sloane

WRONG BED REUNION – On sale July 11, 2016

About the book

Fake relationship, real temptation.

Georgia Cahill is at her high school reunion to seduce the quarterback boyfriend she left behind ten years ago. Unfortunately, one too many margaritas accidentally land her in bed with Gideon Neill, the class geek, instead. By the time she realizes her mistake, she’s the one being seduced.

Gideon Neill is a new man—confident, gorgeous, and about to make the biggest business deal of his life. He just needs a girlfriend to land it. Georgia provides the perfect solution—he’ll help her make her ex jealous if she’ll be on his arm for his business deal. But he quickly realizes he likes her in his arms even better!

Who’d have guessed that sleeping with the enemy would be so hot? But it isn’t long before their act becomes all too real. Could this truly be love? Or is it just the best sex they’ve ever had?

Georgia grasped the hotel key card so tight it cut into her hand. She had one mission: to seduce the quarterback she should have slept with ten years ago on prom night.

She slumped against the wall across from Brandon’s room, wondering if her behavior could be considered stalking. The hallway was spinning, and even drunk off her ass, she knew what she was contemplating could most definitely be considered sexual assault.

If he said no, that is.

He can’t say no.

He won’t. She exhaled, trying to calm her rocketing heartbeat. She’d gotten his room number and key from the late-night guy at the front desk by flashing only a sexy smile and the hinted promise of what she planned to literally deliver to Brandon. It might not have felt like it in the last five years, but Georgia Cahill got her way.

The elevator dinged, opened. She stiffened, tugging the top of her robe over her chest, fluffing her blond hair, preparing to deal with more embarrassment than she’d endured already at the reunion, but no one exited.

She had an excuse ready. She was on her way to the pool. Not that anyone would have believed her. It was 12:00 a.m., she smelled like a liquor store, and she was ogling her ex-boyfriend’s hotel room door like it held every male cast member from Magic Mike.

Georgia had hoped the third margarita would quiet the imagined whispers around the ballroom at the Kenmore High School ten year reunion, and if not the third, then definitely the fourth.

Georgia Cahill peaked in high school.

But even the fifth hadn’t been enough.

She could have lied and said she was working as an actress, but her ex-classmates would have kept pressing, started Googling. Are you on any shows, in any movies? She’d been on auditions for more of each than she could count, but none of that mattered. If career legitimacy came from auditions, the Hollywood Walk of Fame would span from Earth to Pluto.

Instead, she’d gone with the truth, or at least where the truth of five years ago had led her. She’d been broke, living in L.A., and within a month’s rent of becoming a statistic. Her status of struggling actress had careened down to never-going-to-be-an-actress just as her sister gave birth to her niece, Bailey. Fate was slamming a door and opening a new one a crack. With no other appealing options with central air, she moved back home to suburban Kenmore, NY, to help out.

Well, moved into her sister Hannah and husband Joel’s home. Where, she thought, her head awash with tequila and how the hell could it have been five whole years, she still lived now.

She understood it didn’t sound impressive, but she adored being Bailey’s nanny and she’d accepted her simple life. That is, until her ex-classmates had met her reality with judgmental smirks. The failure that she’d dealt with years ago, now fresh and raw in the eyes of all the people who used to look up to her.

The fourth margarita might not have quieted the whispers scraping around inside her skull, but she was hopefully about to change that.

She slipped the key into the lock and closed Brandon’s door behind her, breathless. The complimentary hotel robe was scratchy on the skin that wasn’t covered by her bra and black lace thong. It was dark when she entered, but it was obvious she hadn’t just stepped into a room, but an enormous suite. Brandon was a back-up quarterback for the New York Jets, but he never used to care about being ostentatious. Hopefully his taste in women hadn’t elevated similarly.

For this to work, he had to want her as much as he had when they were in high school and she’d dumped him to move to L.A. He’d not only have to get over ten years of aging, but also ten years of bitterness. She fought the tequila and guilt washing up and slipped off her robe.

He’d asked her to come to the University of Michigan with him, and instead she’d chosen to go after her dream of being a movie star.

Her life plan was what Dateline episodes were made of and beyond stupid in retrospect. She’d actually thought she would make it, but being head cheerleader and “Hottest” in the Senior Superlatives at Kenmore High didn’t have the cache she’d needed on her headshots. She was just another pretty face in the monsoon of them that was replenished hourly. At least L.A. had taught her one thing. Humility.

A chill rattled her exposed skin, and everything went wobbly from alcohol and nerves. She glanced down—crap. She wasn’t wearing one of her few matching sets of lingerie, but a black thong and one of her everyday bras: the color of a Band-Aid and just as puffy.

Maybe her ex-classmates were right about her. She couldn’t even get a simple seduction right anymore.

She turned, ready to run, but she needed to finish what she’d started. She had no choice. There was nothing waiting for her back at Hannah and Joel’s. Bailey was going to enter kindergarten in the fall. Georgia had to try and grasp at a new life. It was either rewind backward ten years with Brandon or move back to L.A. and try again. No one who left L.A. was crazy enough to go back, especially at twenty-eight. Seducing Brandon was the saner option.

She slipped off her granny-panty bra and let it fall to the floor with her robe. Lesson learned, never plan surprise sex while you’re drunk and desperate.

Georgia entered the bedroom and paused above the bed. Sheets rose and fell over the small of Brandon’s back; his hair was tousled and his face lay flat against the pillow.

Her pulse screamed against her neck; everything in the room seemed to hum. She wasn’t usually so forward. Of course, this was beyond forward. This was jumping vagina-first into penis-infested waters without a lifeguard.

Her world would be totally different now if she’d just said yes to Brandon ten years ago.

They would probably be married and have 2.5 children, or at the very least she wouldn’t have had to ask Hannah and Joel’s permission every time she wanted to have a guy over.

Not that she’d had to ask them for that in a very long time.

She gazed down the length of Brandon. The boy she’d left all those years ago had grown into a seriously sexy man. Her eyes glided along the outline of his broad back, his powerful hands squeezing the pillow and his rigid biceps cradling his head.

She said a little thank you to her fifth margarita as she inhaled deeply and nestled her body behind his, pressing her breasts into his back. Her abdomen tumbled like a gymnast in the wake of the first skin-to-skin contact she’d had in years.

Her nails trailed along his shoulder blades, and lower. She snaked along his side, and her heart shot into her throat as she traveled across his tight stomach and underneath his boxers. He stirred, the bed squeaking under his weight. She circled her hand around him and he released a sleepy gasp. His cologne smelled of musk, of pine.

He was better endowed than she remembered, but it had been ten years since she’d been with him and more than two since she’d been with any man. She might just have forgotten what a cock was supposed to feel like. She teased him slowly, her fingers finding a rhythm up and down, up and down the length of him. Turning what was sleeping into something awake and rock hard in less than a minute. Heat jetted from her breasts to her face.

She clearly hadn’t forgotten how much she liked feeling a cock. This one was the intoxicating combination of silky, rigid, ready, and about to be hers. Her mouth went dry and her lips fell to his shoulder, frantic to taste his skin.

An animalistic moan floated from his lips like a searing whisper in the dark, driving quivers between her thighs, shooting radio waves from her core to her brain that screamed touch me. What had been an idea in the hallway became a dizzying mission with him solid in her hand, with her spooning half naked against his back.

“I’ve been wanting to do this since high school,” she whispered, hoping the directness of her words would fully wake him.

She applied more pressure to her grip, giving him exactly what he seemed to be asking for. His flesh was hot and needy under her attention, but his breath caught and his whole body paused.

Is he going to tell me to stop?

There was embarrassment to consider, but what she hadn’t expected was how badly she wanted this. A swirling need clawed in her gut, dampness swelled in her panties and drowned out everything but those same two words—touch me.

He flipped onto his back and forced her hand to rest at the base of his cock. She could see nothing but an outline of his chiseled features in the dark.

“It’s Georgia.” She hoped confusion was the only reason for his hesitation.


She smashed a finger from her free hand to his lips. “Who else would it be?”

“What are you doing here?” His voice was like Tabasco against her finger and deeper than she’d remembered. But he’d only been a boy when she’d been in the dark with him ten years ago. He was a man now. That was clear from what she had in her hand. It was blistering against her skin, pulsing like a current was running through it. She squirmed, urged her thighs together. She wanted it inside her in the worst way.

“I know I said no back then”—she wriggled closer—“but now I say yes. Let’s do it like it’s prom night.”


About the author
Candy Sloane is a pseudonym for a Young Adult & New Adult author who needed to write some naughty books her mother couldn’t read. She lives in Portland, OR and loves Lifetime movies. She would tell you more, but this persona is a secret.

Where to find the author

Where to find the book
Barnes and Noble

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