Feature – Snake Garden Paradise by Ken Hart

SNAKE GARDEN PARADISE – On sale March 26, 2012

About the book

This is the second novel in the Ron Tuck Series. Snake Garden Paradise continues the journey of Ron Tuck though the loss of the counter-culture’s experiment, the dissolution of friendships, and the suffering that comes from broken dreams. When people pursue freedom, they really purchase it at a price.


About the author
Born in Newark, New Jersey, Ken spent much of his life in pursuit of writing, music, and education. Prior to devoting his life to academia in the private and public sector for over fifteen years, he attended Elliot Street School and Our Lady of Good Counsel grammar school before, later, graduating from Glen Ridge High School. After this, he earned a BA in English at William Paterson University followed by a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and a Doctorate from Drew University.

Hart has spent years writing and making music and, now that he has retired from education, hopes to continue to explore it on different paths. His goal is to create stories that will make you laugh, cry, think, and, above all, enjoy.

Where to find the author

Where to find the books in this series
Snake Garden Paradise:
Amazon US
Amazon UK

Amazon US
Amazon UK

Time in a Bubble:
Amazon US
Amazon UK

The Tempo of Experience:
Amazon US
Amazon UK

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