Just a note…

Well, I didn’t want to do this, but I’m going to have to – at least regularly, my blog will be on a bit of a hiatus until after mid-May.

It’s just been that kind of semester. LOL

I just don’t want to miss any commitments, have a post that I need to get up slip my mind, stuff like that. And that is definitely not fair to anyone.

So, while I’ll still have a post here and there pop up, it won’t be anything close to every day as I’ve tried to do so far. But as for adding anything new – if I can get something up for someone, I’ll try, but I just do not want to give any guarantees until school is over and I can get back to reading my own books instead of textbooks, papers and journal articles.

But you can certainly check out older posts – pretty sure you can still find those books around and you might still find a new author to check out! 🙂

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3 Responses to Just a note…

  1. Totally understandable, Lois. Sometimes, we all need a little break. Best of luck with your studies!


    • ov099 says:

      Yeah, I wasn’t thrilled with doing it, but something has to give somewhere at some point, right? Besides, except for editing, I have one class practically all done now – the editing are the essay and major paper. Whee! Now, two more to go with their stuff. Not-so-whee! LOL


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