Feature – Crucified For 33 Thoughts by Jackson Saint-Louis

CRUICIFIED FOR 33 THOUGHTS – On sale November 19, 2013

About the book

This book was written with the intentions of finding a common ground for readers and nonreaders through a series of stories that allows for a multitude of emotions including pain, sadness, love and euphoria to come to the surface. It challenges the reader to succumb to the honesty of certain aspects of their daily lives that many of us often become too numb to speak about. As inspiration stems from a hopeless situation, these unspoken words turn into stories that grasp our ears, hearts and attention, giving way to a new found understanding behind what was previously a misunderstood form of action. Whoever so dare speak these words would be crucified by those closes to them, hence the title Crucified for 33 thoughts. A heart-felt and compelling read that creates a canvas for imagination and honesty to blend and form each one of these spoken word poems. The realism of each poem will take readers on a journey they will not soon forget.

And visit the incredible introduction video to the book here – Intro of Crucified For 33 Thoughts: Spoken Word Poems.

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