Hot Zone by Catherine Mann

*** For Pararescueman Master Sergeant Hugh Franco, it’s all about saving other people’s lives. Then he moves on. But when he pulls beautiful Amelia Bailey and her adopted nephew from the rubble of a catastrophic earthquake, he finds himself entangled in their lives in ways he could never have imagined…

Amelia’s trip to the Bahamas to help with an international adoption has been no vacation, but the hardest part is yet to come. As Amelia and Hugh are pulled unawares into a deadly smuggling scheme, simmering beneath their growing need to protect each other is a compelling attraction they’re both determined to deny… ***


Well, a few months ago, I got the first book in this series from the publisher and reviewed it. I said that it was a little too much in the suspence area for me, but yet, I really wanted to know how it ended. Then, this next one in the series came up, I still really wanted to read it. I rather think that is a sign of a good author, writing a book that may not really be in your usual reading habits, but you can still continue reading it! Besides, here, I really got into the suspense aspect more, so maybe I’m liking military romantic suspense a little bit more!

Anyway, here, we have Amelia, who is a prosector back home in the US. She is fearless in the courtroom; outside, well, not all the time. She goes to the Bahamas with her brother and his wife to help out with their adoption of a todder named Joshua. In the midst of it, a devastating earthquake occurs. They are separated from each other, Joshua being with Ameila. During a search, Hugh as part of the rescue team, finds them. There is just something about Amelia that keeps him coming back to see her, to check on her. Soon after, he sees someone trying to kidnap her and Joshua from the hospital – something about a Guardian, wanting the child. Rescuing them is the easy part – then comes their adventure of working their way back to the capital through the jungle, the aftershocks, discovering who or what the Guardian is, facing past personal demons and fighting (or perhaps not really) their attraction for each other.

I also enjoyed the side story of Amelia’s brother and wife, and Hugh’s commander Liam with a rescue dog handler named Rachel. This was definitely a cool book – it was exciting, and hot, and just kept you wanting to keep going to find out more.

However, there are two things about this book that I did not like… first, the ARC that I got, while nice with the shirtless guy on the cover as it is, is not the finally book cover with the really shirtless guy who was by himself on the cover (see above picture). Totally feel jipped. 😉 And second, we have to wait until May for Under Fire, the next book in the series with Liam and Rachel… and I find that to be rather unfair, given how their relationship ended in this book! So, if we could speed that up, that would be rather good. Other than those two things, loved it!


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2 Responses to Hot Zone by Catherine Mann

  1. Vicki says:

    This sounds perfect for me. I love thrillers/suspense.
    Found you through BRW!


  2. ov099 says:

    She also has a week old new book out, which is my favorite of the series, and I also did the review for… Under Fire (my favorite so far of the series)!


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